In Pakistan, currently there does not exist any national level framework for measuring productivity for implementation at firm level. In the absence of such mechanism, it would not be possible to offer any productivity-based incentives to encourage firms to become competitive. Without productivity measuring capability and agreed framework it would be not possible to design an effective and feasible national productivity improvement program.

Productivity Measurement System

The public policy realization does exist that it would not be possible to design and develop an effective national program without introducing the productivity measurement mechanism. In such context, first step is to develop a framework to measure baseline productivity at firm level. The productivity framework will be based on productivity measurement system introduced by the “Asian Productivity Organization (APO)’s Handbook for SME Productivity Measurement”;

  1. Establish a Productivity Measurement Committee;
  2. Determine Processes Areas to be measured;
  3. Develop the Productivity Indicators to be used;
  4. Implement the Measurement System;
  5. Review the results;
  6. Execute Processes Improvement;
  7. Evaluate and Follow-up.