• Considering recurring external account crises, the government has launched “Three Year Rolling Growth Strategy (3YRGS) – Agenda for Economic Diversification, Transformation & Jobs-led Growth”
  • To achieve the reforms agenda, the Planning Commission has notified Seven (07) Working Groups with certain ToRs/tasks assigned to various Ministries / Departments
  • Working Group led by MoIP is “Reforming Policy Incentive Structure for the Industrial Sector” and one of the key TOR is “Launching of a National Program on Targeted Productivity Enhancement (NPTPE)”.
  • National Productivity Organization (NPO) has been nominated as a member of MoIP Working Group and participated in various planning meetings with Planning Commission and MoIP
  • Block Allocation of 2 Billion for FY 2022-23 is initially proposed for NPTPE Initiative.
  • NPO has developed and submitted Concept Note, Action Matrix & Gantt Chart for NPTPE covering;
    1. Multi-stakeholders consultation for Need Assessment
    2. Development of Productivity Baseline Parameters / System – Engagement of APO / National Experts
    3. Productivity based Incentive Package / Schemes for Firms – Engagement of APO / National Experts
    4. Comprehensive Productivity Improvement / Development Plan for Key Actors (NPO Capability Development, NPC Revival, Provincial Productivity Cells, Capability Development Plans for Industry, Agriculture and Public / Services Sector)
    5. Linking NPTPE with Revised PC-I on SNP aligned with the Productivity Master Plan and 3YRGS (including Short, Medium and Long Term Action Plans)