Energy sector plays a vital role for the economic development, particularly the manufacturing sector. In today’s changing scenario, the continuous price hike in petroleum and the big gap in demand and supply of electricity in Pakistan, it has become imperative to look for alternate energy resources to ensure economic, effective and un-interruptive power supply to the manufacturing units to enhance productivity. National Productivity Organization (NPO) believes to attain maximum efficiency in proper utilization of existing energy with the help of suitable energy saving measures in the SME sector that contributes a major portion towards economic growth.

NPO has taken an initiative in December 2005 and signed the agreement with GTZ to launch energy audits in textile sector under Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency framework to enhance productivity and quality. In this regard, energy audit was conducted in six units under the supervision of German experts. The results of energy audit conducted in six pilot projects (two each at Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi) of textile sector (spinning & processing) selected with the assistance and cooperation of APTMA, are shown below. A generic report of best practices for energy efficiency in spinning and processing sectors has also been disseminated.


We are in the business of ENERGY EFFICIENCY & AUDITS since October-2008. We have enabled over 300 large & leading Industrial Units to achieve maximum reduction in their Energy-Cost. We have provided our expertise services to several leading Industrial, Building & Service Sectors.


Our Experience shows that even in the most professionally – Managed Companies it is possible to Save Energy – Cost with very, very attractive payback period. It is mostly possible by better operating practices, upgradation in instrumentation & control system, modification in inefficient plant & also technical upgradation etc. Our professional experience is as following:

  • Over 280 Energy Audits have been completed in textile industries and 5-15% savings in energy on an average has been accomplished.
  • Identified up to 25% energy saving potential in 30 energy audited steel units.
  • In other sectors like Ghee & Oil mills, plastic and match factories 5-15% energy saving potential is identified.
  • Conducted building energy audits of 10 public sector buildings and result shoed upto 35% energy saving potential in these buildings.
  • Trained over 1200 professionals on energy efficiency and conservation.


We always try to understand the philosophy for Investment (R.O.I.) of the client and the “Target for Energy Saving” from our potential Customers. We always give a performance Guarantee for the results. These Boundary lines define depth for Energy Audit for any assignment.


Cost reduction is the need of the hour, for each and every Industry, to meet the increasing global competition. Energy cost – on account of Electricity, Fuel, Coal, Gas, Steam or even Captive Generation- is an area where very effective & quick results can be achieved. It has been very well established that 5-15% of the Energy Cost can be saved, even in very well managed Industrial Units. Realizations of Energy Saving will depend upon correct identification and the successful implementation of various Proposals for Energy Saving.


We always ensure that each recommendation are:-

  • On most practical lines to ensure smooth implementation.
  • On sound economical consideration.
  • We have latest generation instruments to carryout energy Audit.
  • We make dedicated efforts to achieve very-broad acceptance for various recommendations.
  • We enable management team to develop ACTION PLAN for IMPLEMENTATION.


We are empaneled ENERGY AUDITORS by:- Ministry of Industries & Production, Islamabad.

Energy Auditors of National Productivity Organization (NPO) – Pakistan

Engr. Aftab Khan Masood

Mobile: 0333-4131165
Phone:051-9244254-5 Ext. 104

Engr. Hammad Altaf

Certified Energy Auditor
Mobile: 0333-5044973
Phone:051-9244254-5 Ext. 118

Engr. Usman Hafeez

Senior Energy Auditor / Incharge Public Relations
Mobile: 0333-5352017
Phone:051-9244254-5 Ext. 111