Many of the APO member countries launched structured Productivity Movement in their respective countries and have reaped phenomenal benefits by positioning themselves competitive through enhanced productivity. Among others Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea and Japan are few examples.

In order to improve in Global Competitiveness Index, Pakistan needs to examine its productivity indicators across the value chains of its key industrial sectors to make these competitive to achieve sustainable productivity and economic growth. Therefore, NPO has acquired support of the APO Japan in developing a National Productivity Master Plan which will provide strategic framework for productivity enhancement in Pakistan.

Development of the National Productivity Master Plan will lead Pakistan to improve productivity in all facets of the economy including industry (specifically key sectors value chains including Textile, Agro processing, construction, Energy and Leather Sector etc.), agriculture and service sectors to achieve global competitiveness, raise its ranking in global indexes, and ensure that these gains are sustainable over the long run. It will enhance overall labor productivity in general and in specific sectors as well.